2019 YL Grand Convention Products

Check out the NEW Young Living products from the 2019 Grand Convention!!

WHOOHOO! CBD products are finally here AND they're FULL PV!!

Young Living has worked hard to identify a third-party retail company that aligns with our values, including our Seed to Seal® quality commitment. We will supply them with Young Living essential oils to create Young Living Seed to Seal-quality infused CBD oil.

The company we selected and have partnered with has an innovative and experienced management team; an experienced and credentialed scientific advisory board that includes our own talented chemist, Dr. Richard Carlson; a vertically integrated farming process based on organic hemp plant cultivation practices in Colorado; quality extraction and testing methods; and a broad range of product offerings, including roll-on oils, tinctures, and pet care products. Our teams have worked with this company to ensure that all steps in the production process meet our high standards.

There is significant discussion about isolates versus full-spectrum hemp oils, which contain other compounds in the plant. Some argue that full-spectrum CBD oils may have more benefits than isolates. Full-spectrum products include both CBD and THC. 

The best way to ensure there is no THC present, and to control purity, is to use CBD isolate. However, the terpenes found in essential oils can increase the overall spectrum of a CBD product. By adding Young Living essential oils to CBD oil, the product is no longer truly an isolate but a broad-spectrum hemp oil. This provides the best way to control purity and efficacy, and get the benefits of a broad spectrum CBD oil.

  • Calm CBD Roll On 300 mg $59.95 59.95pv
  • Calm CBD Roll On 600 mg $109.95 109.95pv - COMING SOON!
  • Cinnamon CBD Oil 500 mg $89.95 89.95pv
  • Cinnamon CBD Oil 1000 mg $169.95 169.95pv
  • Citrus CBD Oil 500 mg $89.95 89.95pv
  • Citrus CBD Oil 1000 mg $169.95 169.95pv
  • Cool Mint CBD Oil 500 mg $89.95 89.95pv
  • Cool Mint CBD Oil 1000 mg $169.95 169.95pv
  • CBD Muscle Rub 300 mg $79.95 79.95pv
  • CBD Muscle Rub 600 mg $119.95 119.95pv - COMING SOON!
  • Unflavored CBD Oil for Pets 200 mg $39.95 39.95pv
  • Unflavored CBD Oil for Pets 400 mg $79.95 79.95pv

To get PV for your orders, you’ll need to create an account with Nature's Ultra by following the three easy steps below. This action will link your Young Living account to Nature’s Ultra so you can earn PV and qualify for wholesale pricing. Your order history will also be visible in your Virtual Office. Oh! And your Nature's Ultra order ships FREE! For assistance, please call Nature’s Ultra at 1.801.296.9277 or send a message to hello@naturesultra.com.
  1. Login to your Virtual Office and select Quick Order
  2. Click the Nature’s Ultra CBD link right under the QO section
  3. Link your YL account to Nature’s Ultra. (Instructions will be given after you click the link)

It’s SUPER easy and just takes a second! Then you can shop and earn FULL PV!!


$32.75 32.75 PV

Made with lutein, zeaxanthin, and a host of other powerful, naturally derived ingredients, IlluminEyes is a fresh look at eye health supplements, packed with eye- and skin-supporting benefits.
  • Protects from damaging blue light and helps reduce eye fatigue (critical with increased use of electronic devices)
  • Supports vibrant-looking skin and helps maintain skin strength and durability
  • Improves visual performance and helps maintain proper eye health
  • Includes no synthetic ingredients or artificial colors

$32.00 32PV

A keystone of the Mediterranean lifestyle in one convenient capsule: Olive Essentials is here to support your total body wellness with pure essential oils and hydroxytyrosol (google that!).
  • Helps support vascular and heart health
  • Includes hydroxytyrosol, the powerful antioxidant sourced from spanish olives
  • Contains as much hydroxytyrosol in one capsule as a liter of extra virgin olive oil
  • Uses Rosemary Vitality to keep your healthy immune system in top shape and Parsley Vitality to promote internal cleansing

$11.50 11.50PV

Start your morning on the bright side with the power of Thieves® Whitening Toothpaste. Support strong, healthy-looking teeth with ingredients you can trust and the whole family will enjoy!
  • Gently removes surface stains without damaging tooth enamel
  • Brightens teeth while fighting plaque
  • Contains no fluoride, parabens, artificial flavors, or other harmful ingredients
  • Contains plant- and mineral-based whitening ingredients as well as peppermint and spearmint essential oil
  • Tested against a leading teeth whitening brand and found to be more effect and less abrasive

+ DUAL LASH BRUSH by Savvy Minerals: 
$18.00 18 PV
  • 2-in-1 for convenience
  • Designed to separate lashes and define brows
  • Perfect for flawless lashes and brows
  • Made with high-quality synthetic fibers
  • Designed to hold the optimal amount of product for easy makeup application

+ (3) EYESHADOW PALETTES by Savvy Minerals: 
$55.00 55PV (each)

Sahara Sunset, Natural Quartz, and Royal Winter
  • Pigment-packed mineral hues
  • Matte, shimmer, and satin finishes in each palette
  • Bendable and buildable
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes
  • Infused with lavender oil
  • Each palette includes a brush
  • Long-lasting, all-day wear

$12.75 12.75PV

CinnaFresh Deodorant 

Wearing CinnaFresh is like a brisk morning walk through the woods: earthy, robust, and invigorating! It’s the natural alternative you’ve been looking for to traditional synthetic deodorants. Clove, Eucalyptus, and Cinnamon Bark essential oils combine to create a naturally inviting aroma that neutralizes odor for all-day freshness without harsh additives.

CitraGuard Deodorant

Stay shower fresh all day with CitraGuard. Roll on this high-performance deodorant fueled by natural ingredients and conquer the day with confidence.

  • Clinically shown to maintain the balance of the skin microbiome (important for odor control)
  • Contains arrowroot powder to absorb moisture
  • Aluminum free and ph balanced
  • Soothes and conditions skin with powerful plant-based ingredients

$39.75 39.75PV

Give your day a balancing boost! The warm, sweet aroma of Davana essential oil is the antidote to a stressful, unbalanced day. The davana plant is a member of the daisy family and is native to southern India, where it’s traditionally used by Ayurvedic healers to balance the three Doshas, or energies, throughout the body and spirit. This holistic approach to balancing health and wellness is thousands of years old and is still practiced today.
  • Adaptive to you, making it the perfect natural perfume
  • Can help curb occasional stress and gear you toward positive thinking
  • Fight back against blemishes and give your complexion sheer radiance

+ "Feather the Owl" DIFFUSER: 
$49.75 24.75PV

Say hello to our cutest essential oil diffuser yet: Feather the Owl. This exclusive, custom-designed ultrasonic diffuser functions as a humidifier, aroma diffuser, night- light, and white-noise machine—owl in one! Kid friendly and simple to use, Feather the Owl features multiple diffusion modes, 10 LED light options, and 5 white-noise sounds.
  • Multiple output options capable of diffusing essential oil for up to 10 hours
  • Built-in speaker with five white-noise variations: rain, birds, ocean waves, fan, and lullaby
  • Exclusive Easy-Touch Talons offer touch-sensitive power and light operation simple enough for kids to use
  • Comes with a free 5 ml bottle of Lavender essential oil
  • 1% of proceeds are donated to Tracy Aviary and Botanical Garden Liberty Park

$43.75 43.75PV

Ready to keep calm and get your peace on? Peace & Calming® Roll-On, your trusty sidekick, is ready to head to meetings and days out with the kids, on road trips and in busy grocery store lines.
  • Carry around in your purse or pocket for relaxation on the go
  • Roll into easy evenings by applying to your wrists and neck
  • Find balance first thing in the morning along with your meditation or yoga


(n.) an essential oil blend that encourages feelings of
bravery, kindness, and respect Chivalry is an empowering, exclusive blend that helps strengthen your conviction to center and fortify yourself, so you can serve and uplift those around you. This blend was formulated by Young Living Founder D. Gary Young, who was known for his strong character, so it’s no surprise that he created Chivalry to embody a high standard of conduct.

Although it was first launched back in 2003, the values
Chivalry inspires are more important than ever!

• Honor and virtue: Chivalry contains an exclusive
combination of Valor®, Gratitude™, Joy™, and
Harmony™—energizing, uplifting aromas that
motivate one to treat others with kindness,
compassion, and respect.

• Stand out in a crowd. Chivalry is a complex,
woodsy aroma that stimulates a sense of courage
and confidence.


Ylang Ylang, Black Spruce, Geranium, Camphor Wood, Rose, Frankincense, Bergamot, Balsam Fir, Blue Tansy, Coriander, Sacred Sandalwood™, Lemon, Lavender, Tangerine, Orange, Angelica, Myrrh, Hyssop, Spanish Sage, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Palmarosa, Vetiver

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